Let’s get into the Festival mood!









Untold or the ‘untold story’, the most waited festival in Cluj. I know that many of you already bought the tickets, reserved a hotel/bed and breakfast room, and so on, formed the group and decided what to put with you in the luggages.

About today’s post, outfits ideas & survival tips! ‘Untold Festival‘ is the place where you can try something new, outrageous and I really suggest you to get out of your comfort zone and experience something else.  So let’s get into the Festival mood!






IMG_6185copy IMG_6188copyIMG_6245copy



Right now (10.30 A.M.), at Cluj it is raining. I just realised that a leather jacket and a small umbrella can’t be missing from your bag. You have to choose between a classic black leather jacket or a fringes trendy one. In my opinion, everything than involves fringes, is welcomed.Comfort is the most important aspect, and if you can make a mix between comfort and style, it is a lot better, isn’t it?!? The basic rules is to choose a comfortable pair of shoes, a leather pair of boots, sneackers or sandals, anything without heels.


The dress code-ul would be somewhere between  boho chic and rock style. Definitely, between these two stiles, the boho one wins without a doubt.The high waisted short jeans,  crop tops, shoulder bags or crossbody (see here), sandals or boots. ‘Untold’ goes beyond the music, it is a color and stiles festival, an event that is perfect to try something new, as I said earlier. Let’s take a look on the first outfit of this  #FestivalOutfits serie.

Flavius Fulea thank you for the beautiful pictures, again & again!





IMG_6408cop IMG_6399copy IMG_6384copy IMG_6322copy




Tips : Anything that has fringe on it. I just like fringe and it makes any outfit more interesting and cool. Perfect for a festival.

IMG_6368copy IMG_6333copyIMG_6277copy IMG_6235copy IMG_6204copy


In the photos I wore:

Leather jacket Roberta Biagi,





Accessories/ExpoMineralia via IuliusMall Cluj.


IMG_6184copy IMG_6272copy IMG_6316copy

About ‘Untold Festival’ you can read more  here. The tickets can be found on Eventim.ro.

P.s. This article is the first from a new serie called  ‘festival outfits’, I hope you like it and it inspired you.


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