In the middle of nowhere






I have to admit that the pictures taken in the middle of the nature , are my favourite. Nothing beats the natural light.I had the luck to have Flavius by my side,this time. He was patient and made some very beautiful photos.


I am wearin a  peplum top with floral print (online here) , jeans from when I was at the university  (the first year of university to be exact), Zara sandals and the little Diane von Furstenberg bag. You probably wonder what  is that pair of jeans doing in my wardrobe….Well I have to admit that I saved a lot of clothes from back then and older ones too. From time to time, I wear them with the sneeky smile on my face. It is a really satisfaction that I can fit into them after being pregnant with twins. And I know that most of you, understand me, perfectly, don’t you?




IMG_2774copy IMG_2817copy IMG_2819copy IMG_2822copy IMG_2833copy IMG_2859copy IMG_2894




Jeans/ old,

Sandals/Zara (old),

Bag/DvF via Net-a-Porter. 

IMG_2772copy IMG_2825copy

IMG_2878 IMG_2872copy IMG_2855copy IMG_2795copy

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