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I always liked  ‘all white’ outfits.In general, this kind of outfit makes me think about an elegant one, but is you put in discussion a basic cotton t-shirt, the outfit becomes a casual, day by day,one. The pants,long and loos at the bottom, a little bit elastic, let you move at ease.They are work in progress,at the worksop, soon online.


The red bag is the icing on the cake, in a powerfull color,with golden accessories, made from leather, that is easily combined with a lot of outfits. It is  a romanian brand , Rena and can be found online,  here.


IMG_0449copy IMG_0455copy IMG_0468copy




Pants/ soon available,







The nails are in a beautiful peachy summer color. I really missed going at the  Nail Art Studio by Lore saloon. Soon, more pictures in a new article, dedicated exclusive to them.

Until then, I sent you a lot of love from Cluj and I wish you a great weekend!




IMG_0481copy IMG_0482copy IMG_0476copy IMG_0447copy





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