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Greetings! Paris, Paris…three days left. I already made a list with what I should pun in my luggage, the turistic points that we really need to visit and other things. I am curios if you went to Paris and what recommendations do you have for us : restaurants, museums, hidden parts of the city, and of course, the important part, shopping.  Tips & tricks, in the bloggers language.




IMG_9228copy IMG_9242copy IMG_9244copy



I am some pictures for you. They are from Friday. when after my sister’s Oath from  Grand Hotel Italia,I ran downtown for a meeting. I gave up the white shirt for a simple grey t-shirt. I saved the silver statement necklace, and the heels.I was telling you about the pants made in the workshop and we have them on many colors. If you ever wondered if there are pants that can make you look slimmer, the answer is yes, this ones do. My favourite, they accentuate the waist and longen elongate the legs. They are versitale and the color is the icing on the cake.

I am so glad that you liked them to, you emailed me, ordered them and that made me so happy. Thank you!


IMG_9258copy IMG_9236copy IMG_9233copy IMG_9223copy

IMG_9261copy IMG_9249copyIMG_9224copy




*Order now  on  [email protected]





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    Pantalonii sunt foaaarte frumosi si culoare este deosebita! Imi place ca nu ti-e frica sa folosesti culori tari. Nu mi-o lua in nume de rau, insa despicatura care se vede in partea de sus a fermoarului nu este ok. Vorbeste la atelier sa ti-o retuseze. Te felicit pentru initiativa!

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      multumesc Cecilia, prima pereche e mereu de test, cum e si aceasta, iar eu sunt ;cobaiul’ 🙂 lucram sa facem produsele si mai bune, de fiecare data. te pup

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