The weekend picture are the best ones because we had the Museum Sqaure just for us. In case you are not from Cluj but you plan on visiting us, the Museum Square is one of the places you can’t miss. The Square has a medieval  aer because of the pavement and the old buildings.Downtown, the Carolina Obelisk that is named by the Austrian queen Carolina Augusta, is the first secular monument of Cluj (the rest of them having a religion importance).

“The Obelisk itself, the angel caring the laurel garland and the 4 vultures that have in their beak, laurels, is the art work of two locals from Cluj  – the sculptore Anton Csürös and the design teacher Samuel Nagy, and the landscapes illustrating the visit of the King, were realised by the Viennes sculptore  Josef Klieber.” –

I wondered so many times on the Square’s streets, both in the day and by night,being one of our favourite place for a walk with or a cofffee drink with friends. But I didn’t know, until now, what does the Obelisk from the Square illustrates and neither the historical buildings that surrounds it.I thought to share with you these things, because some you will found them usefull.


IMG_2815cop IMG_2803copIMG_2790copy IMG_2786copy IMG_2770copy


What I wore?


Sunday was the last day, in which the temperature indicated a sprin time. So I dared to get my heels, a nude sweater and the ecological leather pants (new,actually), from  Romwe.








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