Blue Suit

The best way to start your Monday?  A healthy breakfast, a black coffee and a smile on your lips. And maybe a very stylish outfit for the office. That really would make you feel better. Today I propose a blue suit, a white shirt with lace details all mixed with golden accessories. Who says that a suit can’t make you feel fab?


_MG_3401 copy _MG_3406 copy _MG_3409 copy _MG_3417 copy _MG_3426 copy _MG_3433 copy _MG_3427 copy _MG_3435 copy _MG_3428 copy _MG_3439 copy






Photo Credit : Marius Valentin by Silvex Studio.



I’m wearing:

Blue suit/HERE,



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    Superba combinatie, toate piesele imi plac!! Bluza e deosebita, iar costumul e super tare… pacat ca nu mai e de sandale/pantofi… a venit frigul pe bune, trebuie sa-mi strang sandalele in cutii 😀

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