Move your hips around the world

Good morning sweethearts! Today I want to share with you some interesting things I found these days. I don`t know if you heard about taff Move…. German Tv Channel, Prosieben try to break a World Record with videos from 100 Countries. Everybody can do this, you just need to dance the taff-move ( learn it here), film it and upload it (here). It`s really fun! the song is from Donny feat Elena – Hot girls (I love this song!).

And guess what?! The winner gets 2 tickets for a Jennifer Lopez concert in Munich with hotel room + live appearance in the TV show (little star ;).
Easy and fun in the same time!
Watch the video here.

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    oh its so cool that you publish the taff move to here. yes im from germany so its very cool that something german is so popular!! hope you guys will all do this!! <3

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