Pure as an angel

Dolls….I have a big, big problem. My husband`s birthday is coming and I really don`t know what surprise should I do for him. Any ideas?
In these pictures I`m wearing some old pants since I graduated high school. Still in love with these white pants….

Dragele mele, am o mare, mare problema. Se apropie ziua sotului meu si habar n-am ce surpriza sa-i pregatesc. Ceva idei?
In aceste poze port o pereche de pantaloni vechi de cand am absolvit liceul (ce vremuri!!). Inca ii ador….

Pants/Vintage, Top/Zara, Heels/Zara, Bag/Local Store, Necklace/H&M.

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    i love the ring on your left hand!!!
    uff … surprise for your husband … hm maybe a trip to a city?! good luck to you to find something special 😉

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    Your outfit looks very female!

    Hm…My last present for my boyfriend was a really nice picture. A pic of me of course 😉 And on canvas. Really cool!

    Btw: Do you follow me? I can´t see it…

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    Gorgeous look, I like white :)) Hmm..my husband can be hard to buy for really. Maybe a new cologne or something. It depends on what your husband likes. I do hope you find something though and he has a wonderful time 🙂 xx

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    Oh dear, I’m no good at gifts, I usually buy him something I want 😀 So I always ask what the hell he wants so I buy it 😀
    beautiful white look!

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    Super hot outfit in all white Ioana and great nails too! Ah you’re so creative =)
    Aww so sweet of you. I cant really think of a cozy example but to surprise him with a dinner. Maybe you can go shop with him to get a tie or something but before that happebs the dining place is all lit up. Like a really fancy dinner??

    Hope you can figure out something soon hun.


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    just treat him like a celebrity, make sure he gets his favourite breakfast in bed buy him new shower products or fragrance, nice pair of boxers (everyone likes wearing new underwear and feeling/smelling great)find a great photo of you together to bring some happy memories and use it for a birthday card with a personal message.try and get his favourite candy (not always the most expensive but his favourite)also you could make a token for ‘1 x birthday massage from you’ or maybe a mini remote control toy car to play with if he has a playful side.. I have realised that men usually just buy the stuff they need, they aren’t like us girls who want want want haha – just make him feel special and make some nice memories, you have to be super sexy all day aswell ^_^ not so hard for you! I hope this helps? CK MAN is a nice fragrance it is fresh/ sexy/ clean kind of man smell, my boyfriend liked it. Good luck!
    Ps. I am having a pink giveaway on my blog you should enter! everyone should!

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    I always have the present-buying problem. I go with tickets to an upcoming concert, golf or tennis lessons with a pro, or a weekend away: Couples message at your home or have a chef come in and cook for you after the kids are asleep. Hope this helps!

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    YAY first commenter! 😀
    Depending what your husband likes! It’s always safe to buy him a great pair of shoes or a cologne or an amazing tie! OR even better, you could get him something personalized, like a fountain pen with his name engraved on it? But enough of that! Your outfit is positively beautiful! It made me think of the Westlife lyric, “There’s an angel standing next to me, Reaching for my heart <3” And the lipstick screams bombshell xoxo

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    That is never easy! I go crazy trying to figure out gifts/surprises! Good luck! Love the all white outfit! And your necklace is fabulous!


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    como você ficou linda toda de branco, quisera eu ser magrinha como você, para poder usar essas roupas lindas!!! mas sou gordinha e minhas roupas são muito simples e básicas 🙁


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    decolteu de senzatieeeeeeee :)), iar acel oversize necklace face o impresie deosebita in intreg ansamblul…cat despre surpriza, hmmmm, poate va luati 2 zile concediu de la cotidian si evadati la un spa in apropiere de casa… stiu ca sunt la Mures 3 locatii fenomenale 🙂

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    Hello beautiful! 🙂 I think, you can cook something special for your husband and a little present for him 😀 nothing can please a man except his girl’s own cooking :)) it works!

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    Hihi, ce bine arata pantalonii tai, eu nu prea mai am haine din liceu, desi masurile mi s-ar potrivi…o camasa o port insa in mod frecvent si o am din clasa a X-a.

    Te-am visat acum vreo doua nopti, iti vine sa crezi? Erai imbracata intr-un costul clasic negru…iti statea foarte bine 😛 Era un vis pozitiv sa stii, in ciuda culorii 😛

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