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My dears  I woke up with headache, slept terrible last night and I woke up just as terrible. I had a full morning, one of my girls is suspected of oreon, so so Iwalked all morning with her to see doctors. Expectations in hospital hallways killing me …. and the nurses from the hospital were very rude to us. Happens in your country too? Much point to say that I found parking only 15 minutes walk from the hospital? and I must admit, Raisa is not very easy to hold in my arms 🙂)

Dragele mele…m-am trezit cu durere de cap, am dormit groaznic azi noapte si m-am trezit la fel de groaznic. Am avut parte de o dimineata plina, una dintre fetitele mele e suspecta de oreon asa ca am umblat toata dimineata cu ea pe la doctori. Asteptarile in holurile spitalelor ma omoara….iar daca dai de cate o asistenta mai intepata te-ai rezolvat (exact ce am patit si eu). Mai are rost sa spun ca nu am gasit loc de parcare decat la 15 minute de mers pe jos de spital?! si recunosc, mamaruta Raisa nu e tare usoara :))

Blouse/Zara, Jeans/Zara Trf, Necklace/H&M.

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    Oofff saracuta Raisa,sper sa nu fie oreon, desi e mai bine sa faca acum cat e micuta decat atunci cand e mai mare. Sa stii ca si eu am dormit tare rau si m-am trezit asa indispusa, fara niciun chef. M-am apucat de curatenie sa-mi revin 🙂 vaaaa puuup si multa sanatate pentru Raisuca:*

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    Hey, Ioana!
    First of all, thanks for your compliment on my blog, and for leading me to discover yours, which is very pleasurable! Only, I’m sorry to hear about your full morning…It happens, sometimes…Fortunately, in Argentina health-care attention is still decent in many places -but, not particularly good in some small provinces-.
    On happier subjets, you look stunning and obviously have an amazing sense of style and attitude! BTW, I love your top in this post!
    Of course, I’m following, and I’ll be thrilled to have you among my followers via GFC, too!
    María José

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      Hi Ioana! (what a beautyful name!)
      I´m so sorry about your girl, I hope she gets better soon!
      Here in Portugal, we pay to park in the hospitals, and the doctors and nurses are nice sometimes, if we have lucky, of course!
      I love your blouse, and you are stunning as always!!!
      Big kiss for you and your girls!

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    Poor, darling! Hope you feel better soon 🙂 Sorry to say this fact but healthcare takers in most part of the world are ‘rude’.. especially the government run hospitals. If you want good services, you’ve got to go PRIVATE and cost $$$.. sad but true.

    Anyway, looking gorgeous as always. Drop by and visit me sometime 🙂


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    Multa sanatate pentru Raisa !! Ce sa facem , trebuie sa ne obisnuim cu “bunul simt” al celor care ne servesc si pe care ii mai si platim ! :-j

    Imi place tare mult bluza , arata superb !! 🙂 kisses

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    Oh my dear, as a mother I can understand fully how you must be feeling. I hope your girl is better, and I hope you too feel better by now. Here in Portugal it does depend of the hospital, really. I find that pediatric emergency nurses and doctors are nicer than general practioners, but to me the worse are ob-gyn, when I had a miscarriage I was treated as an hysterical woman by a lowsy doctor. It was the most humiliating and readful experience in my life. I’ll be thinking of you and your girl, and hoping you 2 are ok. Kisses, dear.
    Mint Jule

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    ulook great even after a bad nights sleep, i really hope your little girl is ok, its terrible you met with a rude nurse, they are usually so nice and kind, hope you all are well and have a great weekend, kisses leonie

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    well…. at least you look quite fabulous here. but i hope your daughter(right?) is okay. Nurses can be a bit rough sometimes, some of them were careless when my mom got out of surgery and needed help moving. It happens everywhere unfortunately

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    I hope your daughter is feeling much better now, unfortunately there are so many rude people nowadays… too bad that you had to come across one of them. By the way, you look really amazing in those pictures! And as for your question- yes, I’d love to follow each other. Following you now and waiting for a follow back 🙂


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    I hope you get well soon. Some nurses are mean and rude and some are the sweetest people. When my dad had his kidney transplant last year, there was one nurse everyone tried to avoid, she was meany.
    Cute OOTD!

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    hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)! I love love love your outfit in this post! Your hair and lipstick look amazing, too! check back to my blog sometime if you feel like it! xox

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    Oreonul e mai dureros cu cat apare mai tarziu , la fel si varicela , e mai bine sa o faci cand esti copil . ” Mai bine ” .. vorba vine 🙂 Ca nu e bine sa fi bolnav . Dar de ce a trebuit sa umbli prin spitale ? De ce nu o duci la pediatru la un cabinet particular ? Asa scapi de o durere mare de cap . Te pup , sper sa fie bine fetita ta

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      Data viitoare cu siguranta asa am sa fac! Si eu as vrea sa faca acum oreon, macar scapam….doar ca mi-a zis ca e doar suspecta, are ganglionii inflamati, acum asteptam sa vdm ce se intampla. Multumesc frumos pt msj!
      Pup :X

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