Bloom trees

Every time I meet my mother tell how thin I am, always trying to convince her that I eat as much as I want. Naturally, as any woman on this planet I want to have a perfect figure. During pregnancy I gained 23 pounds in addition,  a week after I was back as I started. I was lucky, I got so much energy and I always burn extra calories. I admit, I never cared a diet. But every time I wanted to lose weight, I refrained from eating sweets and breadDon`t you find strange diets where you eat all you want and you lose weight? Did anyone tried such a diet? And finally I want to ask you …. do you think I`m to skinny?

De fiecare data cand ma intalnesc cu mama imi spune cat sunt de slaba si mereu incerc s-o conving ca mananc atat cat imi pica bine.  Normal, ca orice femeie de pe aceasta planeta imi doresc sa am o silueta perfecta. Cand am fost insarcinata am luat 23 de kg iar dupa o saptamana le-am dat jos. Am avut noroc, sunt si o fire foarte energica asa ca mereu ard caloriile care sunt in plus. Recunosc, nu am tinut niciodata o dieta. Dar de fiecare data cand am vrut sa slabesc, m-am abtinut  sa mananc dulciuri si paine. Nu vi se par ciudate dietele in care poti mancat cat vrei si slabesti? A incercat careva o asemenea dieta? Iar la final vreau sa va intreb si pe voi….vi se pare ca sunt prea slaba? 

Wearing this top again cause I`m so in love with it. 

Look at this bloom trees….so beautiful! 

Top/Zara, Pants/ H&M, Shoes/Local store, Bag/ C.A.T.O.

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    WOow AND this freshy top (spontaneously) evokes me a fruity(licious) Ode to your “boobaliciousity” Here I (shyly) can’t help BUT say (§ widely approve) Dear !

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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    Hi dear, you look great.
    I am a ballet dancer, so I’ve always been slim, but for my mother I am always skinny. 😛
    I never did any diet, but I eat healthy food,and I eat all I want without gaining weight 🙂 I guess I’m lucky 🙂


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    ce fain e topul! chiar aveam nevoie de ceva culoare, după zilele astea “întunecate”.

    În altă ordine de idei, şi eu cred, ca şi mama ta, că ar mai merge o bucăţică de cărniţă în plus. :)))) Dar dacă eşti sănătoasă şi tu te simţi bine în pielea ta, ce mai contează ce zice x, y sau z? În definitiv suntem ceea ce gândim. Şi tu reuşeşti să radiezi voioşie şi bun-gust.

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    Love the picture….gorgeous!And thanks so much for ur sweet comment! I´d love to follow each other, yes, great idea 🙂 I already followed you via GFC and BLoglovin´ now and I hope you follow me back now so that we can stay in touch and share fashionable comments 🙂

    Have a lovely day for now!

    xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

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    I love red…I think red is your colour too. You look awesome.

    I hope I will you see again on my blog asap.

    Visit me again.

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    you are the perfect just the way you are darling,many people would kill for a body like that,stay healthy eat lots of proteine,fruits and veggies and fish,…you look stunning,I LOOOOVE the outfit!! and wonderfull pictures xoxo

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    Apropo, jur… ca nu-mi venea sa cred, pana nu vazusem ca ai doi copii dragalasi, ca esti mamica 😀 Felicitari! Ai un corp absolut superb, nu esti deloc slaba, doar ca asta e natura, si nimic altceva 🙂

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    Ba nu.. Esti minunata! Eu tot am aceeasi problema, sint cam slabuta, dar daca ma pun sa maninc tot ce vreau ma da jos celulita, sa o ia naiba…e rautacioasa de tot! Asa ca sint nevoita sa fac o dieta bazata pe mincare sanatoasa… si in continuare slabesc nevoit…(fac si sport)
    Analizind corpul tau observ ca esti antrenata, imi place mult faptlui ca ai gitul lung –> un semn de frumusete nespus de rar… Esti proportionata Ioana! Top model!

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    Everyone is different. Some people may appear really thin but that’s just how their body is. You are quite thin but you seem happy and also healthy! You are perhaps just like this naturally 🙂
    Being a mother it’s important to have all the energy you can get to keep up with your children. Stay healthy and you look great!
    Thanks for the visit!

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    I think your braid looks very chic with the pop of color in the shirt and black pants. I’m wearing a shirt that color today! Come check it out when I post it tomorrow.

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    I think you look a bit thin. I would say it would be healthier to gain a few pounds. You can see it in your arms and legs, and the bones around your collar bone. I realize many of these commenters are going to tell you that you look amazing, partly because most people like to leave positive, encouraging comments on blogs, and maybe partly because they personally strive to be this thin, but I’m with your mom on this one.

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    dont worry too look GREAT …i wish i have that kind of figure you have, you are not too skinny at all..just do what your doing right now because thats how your body works naturally…as long as you eat healthy, you are just fine.You are one lucky girl to have that kind of metabolism and lastly..i love your outfit ..have a great day 🙂

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    Adoring this peplum top…such a great colour and the shape is so flattering! You are quite beautiful 🙂

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

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    Nope, not too skinny at all. You’re beautiful. Oh, crap, can I say that? I’m a guy so it may sound like creepy stalker talk. Especially since there’s a whole lotta women commenters.
    But, there’s French on your blog. So you live in France or Canada, probably. So you’re thousands of miles away from me. On the other hand, you could be a Pennsylvania French teacher. In that case, please excuse the creepy stalker talk.

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    Oho , cate femei si-ar dori sa arate ca tine . Daca tu te simti bine in pielea ta si esti sanatoasa .. ce mai conteaza ? Eu de copil am fost slaba , pot sa mananc cat mananca doua persoane la un loc , si nu ma ingras , am arderile bune , la fel ca tine . Dar totusi , tu ai doi copii , arati super .

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    Hi Ioana, thank you for the comment on my blog! Yes, I would love to follow each other, you are gorgeous and have great style. I’m following as Marisa on GFC, will wait for you to follow back 🙂

    I don’t think you’re too skinny, your size is perfect for your frame. I was also very quick to get back to my pre-pregnancy size after giving birth to my daughter so I understand. And your twins were born the same day as I was!


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    Love this look and you look stunning girl! not too skinny at all.. just perfect. I have the same problem and I dont believe in dites.. just eat well and with care.
    I am loving your blog and definitely following on GFC and bloglovin.. Hope you can follow mine if you like it too 🙂

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    You look great! After twins you look fabulous ;o)!!! I never try some diet, but the true is that I don’t eat bread and I’m not lasy. But I eat a loooot of sweeets :o). See you soon. Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.

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    gosh people think i am skinny and i am a size 11. so you are uber skinny then. And you look great after kids too. I love that top, and dang i want your legs! I think it’s all about the confidence but from what I can see you don’t need to go on a diet. and love that top too and your hair, so sporty.

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    You are absolutely beautiful. Do you model? Your style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too?

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

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    Cum sa crezi ca esti prea slaba? Arati perfect, sa nu te ingrasi cumva, nu-mi place sa fiu numai eu slaba in blogosfera 😛

    Esti o frumoasa, nu ma mai satur sa te privesc! 🙂

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    Exact asa imi spune si mama mea de fiecare data cand ma vede, ba mai mult de cate ori ma duc in vizita imi pregateste tot felul de mancaruri ca sa ma vada ea mancand…Oricat m-as obosi eu sa o conving ca nu sunt slaba nu am succes…Eu cred ca arati foarte bine, nu as fi banuit ca esti mamica. Si eu imi doresc foarte mult gemeni, mai ales ca eu am un frate geaman, esti o norocoasa :*

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